OC Men Podcast : Episode #22

S01E22 - The L.A. - The Clean Slate

Finally (momentarily?) free from the relationship drama of Oliver and Theresa, Ryan and Marissa are excited to avoid some drama for a change. A clean slate! This of course doesn't last through the opening credits, as a startling secret is exposed.

We get a great road trip episode as the core-four heads to LA for TV star Grady Bridges' birthday. What excitement is in store for them at the Luna-Chicks strip club? The OC Men watched Season 1, Episode 22 of The OC, "The L.A." to find out!

Also, the adults have a meatloaf party.

Alternate Titles for this episode:
- Tabula-Rissa
- Live, OC, Repeat
- Heavy-Meta
August 9, 2016
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